Bar Alexander In Dusseldorf

Bar Alexander In Dusseldorf

Bar Alexander In Dusseldorf

Bar Alexander is one of the most visited bar in Dusseldorf for it’s ambiance of vintage design with classic to exotic spirits available for you to drink and chill. It is located in the district of Unterbilk. Check out the bar early because it usually gets packed up right away. In the middle of the night, bartenders are showing off or play some games such as cocktail lottery. Bartenders tend to offer the expensive cocktails from their menu, a real deal for customers.

Invite Favorite Dusseldorf Escort

They also offer non-alcoholic cocktails for those who wish to drink but requires to drive home. Visit Bar Alexander and invite your favorite dusseldorf escort with you, for a mind blogging drinks and wonderful nightlife experience. You and your escort girl will surely have fun.

It’s starts to open at 7pm to 2am and on Saturday it closes at 4am. But don’t bother to come by Sunday or Monday because it’s closed. A perfect bar for cozy ambiance and first-class experience. Check out their extraordinary spirits, extensive cocktails and their own creation of classic drinks.

Experts will lead you to high level show

Fascinated in creating cocktail drinks? Learn from the experts! Bar Alexander offers cocktail training for guest who are eager to learn, gain experience and expand their knowledge in creating drinks.

They are also open for events to cater anywhere you want to have Bar Alexander to share their delicious drinks. You can also book them for mobile cocktail, helping you create an amazing event. Barista’s can create cocktails, molecular cocktails, latte art, ice cream and more. Molecular cocktails is one of the eye-catching event that you will probably love to have in your event. Drinks are formed into small balls that would burst when released in your mouth with rich and tasteful content. Enjoy the best drinks in Bar Alexander with your escort girl today.

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