Boat Exhibition in Dusseldorf – Water magic in January

Boat Exhibition in Dusseldorf - Water magic in January

Boat Exhibition in Dusseldorf – Water magic in January

From 19th to 27th January world’s heart would stop beating and paying close attention to Boat exhibition. It’s happening in Dusseldorf, and you should not miss the chance. If you are a big fan of boat shows and programmes, then it’s a life-changing moment. We would love to share with you in-depth information about boat exhibition in Dusseldorf.

Unprecedented boat exhibition in Dusseldorf

What should you expect from a boat exhibition? Well, lots of things. First of all, Dusseldorf will host one of the biggest shows in the world. More than 2000 exhibitors will gather in the heart of Germany. Those exhibitors are from 75 countries, which is already enough to impress you. Well, you’ll see innovative news related boats, yachts, motor-boats, etc.

All authorities will gather to share the latest updates and innovations: success and beautiful moments of progress related to boats and water life.

Boat exhibition with various halls

You’ll meet all the famous personas of boating and water sports. There will be interviews, conferences, Q & As, community sharing, etc.
Representatives of the exhibition created more than ten show areas. If you are not interested in motor-boating, then you can visit other areas. There is every part of water sports covered during the exhibition.
Down below we will outline the best halls of the exhibition that you should not miss.

Diving Innovation and yearly upgrades – Hall #3

Well, do you like diving? You should not miss the third hall. Everything related to diving takes place in room 3. You can see all the innovations and innovators in that hall. You’ll meet celebrities and authorities in this industry. You can test innovations and new equipment that can change your approaches. Hall three will be a holy grail for divers.

Lavish lifestyle lovers – hall # 6

If you love luxury and lavish lifestyle, then hall six is for you. It’s a perfect place to check glamorous boats and yachts with a VIP escort Dusseldorf. If you are a fan of regular boats, then this hall is not your cup of tea.

Innovators and representatives of companies will represent new models of lavish yachts of 2019. You’ll see lots of million dollar value yachts.

Ocean protection and upgraded equipment – Hall #14

All the activities in 14th hall will be related to ocean/sea protection stuff. If you want to learn more about protection from water, then you should miss these activation. There will be instructors and innovators. Lots of conferences, group meet-ups, and masterminds will take place. 19-27th January will be a “must visit” place for people interested in ocean protection.

Do you have a yacht? Or maybe you travel on the water a lot? Well, you’ll find lots of innovations and activities.

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