Things You Can Do In Dusseldorf

Things you can do in Dusseldorf

Things You Can Do In Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is popular for its fashion industry and art works. It has the Rhine River and a modern commercial center in the western part and on the eastern side is the old town center.  It also hosts the St. Lambertus Church and Schlossturm(Castle Tower), both of them are a 13th century structures.  Some of its streets are lined up with famous boutiques. The city is a popular destination for local and foreign tourist.

Free Things You Can Do In Dusseldorf

Here are some of the things you can do in Dusseldorf

Rhine Promenade is one place to visit.  

  • One of the most picturesque place in the city.  The visit is free, but, it is still worth even if you have to pay for a few bucks.  It justifies everything effort and money you spent in going to the place. There you will be amazed to see these landmarks, such as Rheinturm, Schlossturm and St. Lambertus Church.

Go for Nature Tripping.

  • Dusseldorf is like near paradise.  It place rich in greenery and visiting Nordpark and Hofgarten are both free to explore.  It has amenities such as walkways, biking lanes, waterways and themed gardens for you to explore and enjoy.

The Benrath Park.  

  • This place is the home of the Benrath Palace, which is one of the top tourist destinations in the city.

Explore Grafenberger Wald.

This place is another top destination in the city.  A forest parkland, it is the home of many animals, but, its main attraction are the Deer.

Go for a city tour.

  • This way of exploring the heart of the city is a must, to understand the culture of the city more.

The Kaiserpfalz.  

  • You can visit the kaiserpfalz castle, it is a ruin beside the Rhine, which dated from the 10th century.  Looking at the ruins are just like looking back at the history of Dusseldorf and the Rhine river.

Travelling To Dusseldorf

Travelling to a strange place like Dusseldorf is a challenging one if it is your first time.  Much more if you have a very limited time. Knowing that the city has a very vibrant environment, a modern façade and not to mention many places to visit.  You don’t want to miss a spot and of course, it is very desirable to do it without hassle and with so much fun.

Maximizing Your Travel To Dusseldorf

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